I figured, since I need to live in this weather, I might as well do something productive, so I set out on a self imposed mission. Document this winter with my camera.

The goal of this mission was to document the weather, the ice coverage, and so on. However what I realized rather quickly is that I was learning more about photography every time I went out to shoot. This goes right with my belief in that no matter what you know, or think you know, there’s ALWAYS room to grow and learn more. I am very grateful for the new found wisdom I gained during this project, and I look forward to more opportunities to refine my skills as a photographer, and at the same time, learn to appreciate weather that I’d rather never see again.

I started shooting in mid December and shot until the ice melted on Lake Michigan, which ended up being late March. In the end, I took several thousand photos, many of which are HDR and panoramics, and as is always the case with me, I didn’t care for almost every shot I took, but when I re-visit the images after some time, I see them in a different light.

Deciding which images I’d place on this page is a difficult one, so I decided to take a handful of different shots which are different in their composition, time of day, content, and so on. Because I live near Big Red lighthouse and Lake Macatawa, many of the images will be of the lighthouse, Lake Macatawa, and Lake Michigan.


I will be uploading the images by the end of July and making them available for
purchase shortly after, so be sure to come back.