Day 1: We arrived to the camp site at mid afternoon, and after setting up camp, and eating diner, we headed to the beach for a nice swim. This time we went to the beach which requires about a 1.5 mile hike through the woods, which opens up to sprawling dunes, and then the water. The lake was glass like smooth, and crystal clear!


Day 2: I should mention that we were rustic camping, which is to say, it was free camping in the woods with no water, electric, …. you get the point. After breakfast we decided to hit the beach again before anyone else arrived, but this time we drove to the easy access part of the beach. With little shade to keep us out of the sun, we needed to get in the water often to cool off.

We then made our way back to the camp site for a late lunch, play cards, dinner, smores, and bed. During the evening around 1:30am Mocha began to growl, and then something out in the woods began to growl back! We all laid there wondering what it was, and we were glad we had Mocha, and a couple of guns! In the morning after a bit of research we found out the growling was an angry raccoon. Funny how everything seems exaggerated at 1:30 am and the only thing between you and it is nylon!!!


Day 3: After breakfast we headed into the woods for a nice long hike. The hike was filled with tall pines and lush ferns. After lunch we went back to the beach with our DIY shade, which was very useful, and appreciated!

The interesting thing is, hardly anyone uses this beach, so we pretty much had portions of it to ourselves. This evening after diner we decided to go see the sunset, which was beautiful!


Day 4: After an early breakfast we packed up quickly and got off just before the rain began to fall.