Now that it’s spring, and the ice is gone, I’m picking up where I left things off late last year before snow and ice moved in. I went to the beach expecting to see more beach and a receding lake, but I was very surprised to see just the opposite. I haven’t kept up with the levels of Lake Michigan, but with the very mild winter and lack of ice cover, I was assuming there would have been plenty of water evaporation during the winter, which there very well could have been, but after I returned from the beach and looked at the lake level data I found that the lake level today is higher than it was in early December.

  • TODAY’S LEVEL: 579.36′
  • DECEMBER’S LEVEL: 579.16′

I put together a few comparison images below to show you how things have changed at¬†three¬†different location along the beach. I’ll be going back this week to be more deliberate in documenting certain areas, and specific seawalls. Honestly, I thought this project was coming to a close, but with the erosion and changes I witnessed during this visit, I think this project is still alive and I’ll be busy documenting the changes this year.