Being that Silver Lake Dunes is now closed for ATV’s until June 1st, I decided to take one more trip to the park in order to venture into the area of the dunes that are normally off limits for hiking this time of year. My goal was simply to capture a different section of the dunes, and work on telling the story of the dunes.

I like showing up early, but not with the intent of capturing the sunrise. The reason I like showing up early is to make images with the long shadows that occur with the rising sun low on the horizon. What I don’t like about showing up for sunrise is the time. I had to leave my house at 5am, and even though my intention was not to capture the sunrise, I can’t help myself from making an image or two.

The forecast was for clear skies at about 9am, so I decided to make my way to Lake Michigan’s shore and hope to discover something to capture.

When I arrived the temperature was 30 degrees, and the wind was steadily picking up, making the hike, and photography more challenging that I had hoped, but such is the story of a landscape photographer.

At the shoreline I noticed what looked like little islands where the wind off Lake Michigan has driven the sand inland, but the roots of the trees, and beach grass have held together to form these tree islands.

After wandering around the shoreline for a good while I headed inland, and at that time the sky began to clear, and a wonderfully warm golden hue swept over the dunes and lit up the sand patterns, and trees. Just what I was hoping for!


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