I took advantage of the last weekend before the dunes open to ORV’s, and as happened the last time I was here, the cloudes moved in, even though the forecast said clear skies. Though I was hoping for clear skies I don’t mind the challenge of trying to make the conditions work in my favor. It’s this kind of challenge that requires me to think differently, and change my photography methods on the fly. So, not what I had in mind, but still a rewarding experience.

As I rounded the first dune at sunrise, which was at 6am by the way, I noticed the rising sun’s color reflecting off the bottom of the clouds, so I ran to an area and made quick work in trying to find a good composition. After making this image the color disappeared within 3 minutes.

The challenge of visiting the same location as many times as I have here is to find different compositions, and make images which help me tell a compelling story. My goal is to publish a book about Silver Lake Dunes, and / or a book about dunes along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

During this visit I had hoped to capture more images with a perfectly clear sky, and use the red filter method I mentioned in a previous visit and blog post. However, my attention at this location was to show a collection of decaying trees and stumps which are at different stages of decay. 

In the case of this image I thought it was interesting to see the decaying stump in the foreground and the living cluster of trees in the background, the forest of trees on the lakeshore, and Lake Michigan in the far background.


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