Our time in Yellowstone was split to spend 4 days in the southwest side of the park, and then 4 days in the northeast. We rented cabins so that we could spend our time out touring and hiking rather than tending to a campsite. This turned out to be a great idea, though next time, even though it was just a place to shower and sleep, we will opt for an upgrade on our accommodations.

The first 4 days were spent near the Old Faithful Lodge within a 5 minutes walk of the Old Faithful geyser. Our arrival after Labor Day guaranteed a smaller crowd of tourists and much easier access to the popular venues than in peak season. This suited us just fine; we were able to enjoy the park without a wait and in the tranquil settings that we prefer.  Being the atypical tourist family we often search for adventures which are less frequented and we certainly found these in Yellowstone.


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